• Welcome to MDFC Purvaanchal

    Nidhi Limited

  • Great rates and Safety for your Investment

    Put your idle money in a fixed deposit and earn attractive returns on your investment.

  • Monthly Income Scheme

    True to its name, the scheme features interest payable at the contracted rate every month, on the fixed deposit which is accepted for any period from one year to ten years

Welcome To MDFC Purvaanchal Nidhi Limited

MDFC Purvaanchal Nidhi Limited is formed by its founding members and is currently operational in the state of Delhi. The society is backed with members from variety of backgrounds, community, social status and age groups, making it one of the most versatile organizations currently functional.

The Society

The MDFC Purvaanchal Nidhi Limited emerges with the idea to serve the society & produce the environment of standard living.

Vision & Mission

To be the market leader and process- Oriental group that delivers innovative solutions to our members.

Financial Status

MDFC Purvaanchal Nidhi Limited is always in the upwards direction due to large number of satisfied customers.

Progress of all

Progress of all rural and urban areas of country is the only motto of the Pixyrs!

Our Attractive Products

The society is authorized by its laws to accept deposits from its members under different schemes, from Savings account to term deposits like Daily Deposit, Monthly Deposit, fixed Deposits, Saving Deposit, etc.

Why We are best from others ?

The Society uses the funds in lending to the members and investments as per the societies act/rules/by-laws. Our lending is in the shape of small loans for business & Micro Finance. Higher rate of interest on Deposit schemes for farmers & rural peoples.

Our unique investment strategies bring superior return potential and diversifying power to our clients’ investment portfolios.